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allen oyakawa, az mediaone, sedona architectural designsBORN INTO DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE

I thoroughly believe that being a designer coming from both construction as well as architectural services enables me to make intelligent and cost effective design decisions will save the client time and money over the course of the entire project through to completion” .. Allen Musashi Oyakawa

An Arizona Native, Allen Oyakawa, you might say, has architecture in his blood!

For many years before Allen was born, his mother and father were living and working with the architect Frank Lloyd Wright at his school, Taliesin in the desert of Arizona.

Allen was born there in Arizona in 1958. His family moved to Hawaii were his father Stephen Oyakawa started his architectural practice. Later his mother would return to Taliesin to become a personal assistant to Frank Lloyd Wright’s widow, Olgivanna.

Allen Musashi Oykawa

In 1984, he got involved using computers with architecture and construction estimation, technologically inclined, Allen found this a more fluid way of moving ideas into tangible information.  In 1987 he flew back to the Frank Lloyd Wright School to help start and organize the first use of computers for architecture at the school.  Working with the original developer of AutoCAD, Allen was the catalyst for the use of CAD (computer aided design) at the school and for use by the Taliesin architects professional offices.

Growing up part time in Hawaii, with his architect father Stephen Oyakawa, and also in Arizona at Taliesin, where his mother then lived, Allen experience the diversity of geography, as well as culture growing up in and around the idea of architecture as part of life and living.

After graduating high school in Hawaii, Allen returned to Taliesin to study architecture. Later he worked in the construction industry where he enjoyed the “hands on” aspect of construction, starting in the mountains of Colorado in the late 1970’s as a carpenter. There he learned that shelter in Colorado has a different meaning than shelter in Hawaii or Arizona.  His construction experience varied from building condos in 

Copper Mountain and Vail ski areas to working on beaver Creek ski area in 1980. There he learned that experience of the building process would greatly contribute to the knowledge needed in Architecture design arrangement of the construction drawings.

In the early 1981 he returned to Hawaii on the big Island as a season builder and started a design/build company. During that period he became more involved with the design and architecture of his own construction and was experimenting in Redwood and Cedar, post & beam, single wall construction.  It was very well suited for island living and quick and economical to build at the time.  His design style had an island and Asian feel. There on the big island of Hawaii, he worked on many custom homes in Kona, Hilo, Kamuela, and the Puna area.

In 1995 he moved with his family from Hawaii back to the Scottsdale area. There he went work for Odyssey Homes, a startup developer of custom homes in gated golf course communities where he learned about the whole process of creating entire subdivisions. Land acquisition, subdividing, urban planning and design, large-scale construction coordination and marketing. Project involvements include “Ravens Wood” a 120 home gated golf course community. “Elk Run” at Chaparral Pines in Payson, AZ. and the “Village at Scottsdale Links” a high end planned community developments.

In the year 2000 Allen started AZ MediaOne Design a design and consulting company.  As a designer, he worked in Scottsdale in the Phoenix area until he moved in 2003 to the Sedona area where he now works and resides.

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