There are 3 phases to a project for a designer.

1) . The preliminary information gathering.

Meeting with you and getting functioning design guidelines of your project, ordering the required survey information.

Also finding out any existing or needed septic and utility requirements for the size project you are considering.

This phase is billed at an hourly rate with a minimum to start. 


A. Site Plan

B. Site Model

2. This would be the building design process.


We will start by blocking out the basic areas and also taking into consideration any height restrictions of the current zoning for that location.

After the areas are calculated and room sizes and shapes decided on.

Then the house will be elevated into a three-dimensional form.

Once the form of roofs and areas are defined then we would add all the doors and windows and you would have a complete three-dimensional design model that you can fly over and walk through before we go on to the next phase.  

This phase is billed at an hourly rate hand would be added to step one.

C. Areas Schematic Layout with defined room names and sizes.

D. Massing Model

3. Then finally actual building construction drawings for permits and contracts.

This is where all the details and connections and structural information is gather and put into the drawings.

It is also at this point it is decided whether or not a structural engineer needs to provide an analysis.

That’s where in my description any additional services would apply. Another separate fee would come from a septic design service.



Another one would be the fire sprinkler design service. And the final requirement would be from a soils engineer which is where they test the soil for compaction and a report is filed along with the building permit application.

The construction drawings I produce are priced by the square foot and is variable per the complexity of the areas involved and will be set at the completion of the design process.


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